Support Continued Access to Advanced Communications Services

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New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
44 South Clinton Avenue, 9th Floor
Post Office Box 350
Trenton, N.J. 08625-0350

RE: Verizon New Jersey, Docket No. TO12020155

Dear Board Members:

I would like to declare my support for the proposed stipulation between your Board Staff and Verizon as it relates to Opportunity New Jersey. The stipulation will help ensure continued deployment of advanced communications services. Access to these services will not only benefit New Jersey’s businesses and nonprofits, but consumers of all ages as well.

I’m sure you will agree that advanced communications technologies have revolutionized how all residents and businesses in the Garden State communicate and we must ensure that future innovations by this industry find a home here in New Jersey.

New Jersey has benefitted from the significant investments Verizon has made here to build a robust communications network. Our state is now the most wired broadband state in the country and continued investment in broadband technologies will be critical to New Jersey’s ongoing economic competitiveness.

Thank you for considering my views and for examining this issue so closely. I strongly urge you to approve the proposed stipulation without further delay.


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