Obamacare Failure Highlights Extremism of Obama’s Agenda

Jim Martin: “Only an extreme and radical plan could cause nearly half a million people to lose their healthcare plans overnight, or spend $684 million for a website that doesn’t work.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — Despite Obamacare’s massive and growing unpopularity with the American people, its non-functioning $684 million website, millions losing their healthcare coverage, skyrocketing insurance rates and medical companies firing doctors and closing healthcare facilities, President Obama adamantly insisted this week that Obamacare is a success.

The President’s blind and irresponsible public affirmation of his failed blueprint further comes as 300,000 self-insured Floridians and 180,000 self-insured Californians received notice this week that their current healthcare plans have been eliminated to make way for more expensive policies that comply with Obamacare’s numerous mandates. This brought a sharp rebuke from 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP:

“In Washington today there is a constant and predictable drone of Democrats attacking anyone who disagrees with them as ‘extreme.’  Yet this Obamacare launch shows beyond a shadow of a doubt which party and which President has an extreme agenda.  Obamacare is the cornerstone of a radical plan to transform this nation’s economic and healthcare landscape for the worse, by implanting an ever-growing government bureaucracy into the lives and personal decisions of every American. I’d say that any law that causes nearly half a million people to lose their chosen healthcare plans in a single week meets the definition of ‘extreme.’

“The government is forcing people to trust their healthcare, their well-being and their very lives to government bureaucrats and politicians who can’t seem to get the most expensive website in world history to perform even its most basic function.  President Obama knows full well his healthcare law is a tremendous failure, but he purposefully refuses to change course, compromise, or hold anyone in his Administration accountable for this legislative Hindenberg.

“Eight years ago the media were tripping over themselves writing stories about George W. Bush’s alleged incompetence as President, and attempting at every opportunity to make him admit mistakes and the wrongheadedness of his policies.  Now we all have a front row seat to true incompetence and unprecedented arrogance, yet we hear nary a peep from the great sages in and around the Potomac.

“Arrogance and extremism, you’ve found a comfortable home in the Obama Administration.”