Obamacare to Wipe Out 74% of Private Practice Physicians

Government run healthcare to result in catastrophic crisis of care in coming years

(Alexandria, VA) – Post-Obamacare America is going to have a lot fewer doctors practicing, according to a new study released by the Physicians Foundation entitled “Health Reform and the Decline of Physician Private Practice.”  According to the survey of 2,400 physicians, 74% of doctors said they plan to retire, quit, or work part time as a result of the on-going medical reforms pushed by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.

“Once again, we are seeing what an absolute catastrophe Obamacare will be for America, and the truth peeking its head out from under the pack of lies the Democrats peddled while pushing this catastrophic legislation down the throats of the American public,” said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin.

“Fewer doctors mean longer waits for critical care, lower quality care, impersonal care, and fewer procedures, testing and treatments available to America’s seniors.  This is exactly what we predicted, and exactly why America did NOT want Obamacare.

“To quote Rev. Wright, President Obama’s Preacher for 20 years, the chickens are coming home to roost, ….and seniors are going to pay the price.

“Over and over we were told by Obama and the Democrats not to worry – that under their plan we would be able to keep our doctor. Oh really?  Did anyone bother checking with my doctor, because he’s so fed up with government bureaucrats running his life and adding to his expenses he’s making other plans.

“The healthcare bill that over 60% of Americans didn’t want is even less popular with doctors, and who can blame them for having one foot out the door?  The government is increasing their Medicare and Medicaid fees by 5% more while adding 18% to their expenses.  Doctors are sick and tired of being told by the government to work harder, see more patients, deal with more paperwork and bureaucracy and oh, by the way, get paid less.

“The liberals may just be able to keep one of their major promises, which is cutting America’s overall healthcare expenditures.  This just may be accurate, as you sure won’t be able to spend much on healthcare if you die before you have a chance to see a doctor.”


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