All indications show seniors are embracing new technology like never before.

(Alexandria, Virginia) – A recent online survey of senior citizens conducted by the 60 Plus Association corroborates a growing body of data concluding that older Americans are now well integrated into the mainstream of today’s digital and wireless culture. Of more than 2,000 survey respondents, 1,080 seniors stated they make regular use of cell phones, and 904 more use smart phones and take advantage of their advanced features.

Far more Bluetooth than blue hair, America’s seniors are now the fastest growing segment of Facebook users with over 14 million logging on regularly to enjoy the benefits of connecting with friends and family, and staying current on news, investments and entertainment. While grandparents may still enjoy their rocking chairs, survey data suggests many are doing so while rocking out on their Twitter account, using a tablet or smart phone, synced to a wireless printer and Roku.

“Technology continues to dazzle us all,” said 60 Plus Chairman and Founder Jim Martin, who has led efforts in more than a dozen states to ensure that unnecessary regulations don’t stifle technology growth. “As much as any age group, seniors are embracing the near daily advances in our digital age and experiencing the many ways technology is increasing our quality of life, our health and well-being, and connecting us to our world.”

60 Plus has offered testimony in the past to legislatures on the importance of legislation that supports advancing technologies in the life and health of America’s elderly. Aside from regular use of social media and smart devices, seniors are benefitting from such things as wireless communication and telehealth, which allows doctors to provide top care at an affordable price when travel is difficult.

Martin continued, “It’s important that technology continue to advance unabated by unnecessary, obsolete or outdated laws and regulations. Seniors have crossed the digital divide, and that includes our National Spokesman, legendary entertainer Pat Boone, now in his late 70’s and still performing in concerts. We are fully invested in the technology and cutting edge advances of today, as well as those of tomorrow. More than any other time in our history older Americans are ‘on the go’ and we don’t see anything that is going to slow us down.”

Mr. Martin is a native of Perry County Kentucky and Pat Boone, a descendant of Daniel Boone, is National Spokesman for 60 Plus. Pat Boone’s wife, Shirley, is the daughter of legendary Kentucky singer Red Foley.