Our Stand On Key Issues

60 Plus is a conservative organization with the ability to impact issues that mean most to you.  Just click on an issue to see related articles.

Death Tax

Death should not be a taxable event.  The Federal Estate Tax taxes mourning families on the same estate their loved ones spend a lifetime creating, and paying taxes on.  This unfair and ineffective tax crushes families of small business and robs them of what’s theirs.

Health Care

The Obamacare failure’s most adverse effects have hit senior citizens more than any.  Sold out by AARP and big government, seniors and the rest of Americans deserve effective, and logical health care.

Social Security

Preserve social security for today’s seniors as well as for the rising generations.  Ensure its permanent longevity and the allowance for seniors and future seniors to retire in confidence.

Veterans Issues

60 Plus fully supports our veterans, so many who have made the ultimate sacrifice and deserve to be treated fairly and with the utmost respect.  Veterans’ issues deserve logical and non-bureaucratic solutions and leadership and significant reform to allow for sensible and legitimate service.

Elder Abuse

According to NIH, hundreds of thousands of adults 60 and older are abused physically, emotionally, or financially.  Our seniors deserve much better.

National Debt

Continue with further tax cuts and cut spending.  The solution to the national debt is not to give Washington more of our money, so they can spend us into debt.  The constant spending and taxing is the guilty factor in this issue.

Indexing Capital Gains for Inflation

The value of the dollar in the year 2000 held more purchasing power than the dollar in 2018. When an investor purchases an asset, like a share of stock, that asset will likely gain value over time. When that asset is sold at a higher value in the future, a portion of that growth is due to inflation. When that inflation is ignored in the taxation process, the investor gets taxed on gains that they didn’t make.


The higher the taxes, the more crippled the nation.  Higher taxes will not aid the ultimate wellbeing of the country, nor remove us from the rut during a time of recession.  Taxes must be reduced to improve economic recovery and flourishing.  Investments in the United States must be encouraged and not discouraged.  With the regular American being capable of living a happy and pursuit-driven life, without the crushing weight of burdensome taxes.

Second Amendment

Gun restrictions punish the innocent, law-abiding citizen and empower the criminal law breaker.  The Second Amendment shall not be infringed, and the average American should be capable of defending themselves against whatever threat.  Enough with the unconstitutional, and illogical “solutions” to gun violence that call for the removal of citizens’ property and personal liberty.

Illegal Immigration

They’re Fugitive Cities, not ‘Sanctuary Cities’ as DeRoy Murdock states.   The Left protects these foreign lawbreakers often with more vigor than for their own countrymen.  The epidemic of illegal immigration has had an unhealthy, and often times deadly effect on Americans.  Logical, and nationally focused immigration reform is absolutely imperative for the nation.


60 Plus strongly supports an all of the above energy portfolio that will promote the lives and well-being of people and their communities.  Sensible legislation and reforms that put focus and priority on Americans rather than special interests or bureaucratic swamps.  This means embracing all energy options and tax reforms, to make life easier for America’s seniors and future seniors.

American Values

The American government needs sensible solutions and leadership to the many problems accumulating in the swamp.  There are too many laws, taxes, and policies that are either nonsensical or simply ineffective.  We need to promote conservative American values and ensure a more prosperous life for not only this generation’s seniors, but for the next.