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Placing blame on the spill? Look to your left

By James L. Martin | Published: 12:00 AM 06/24/2010 Attorney General Eric Holder, at the behest of his boss, President Obama, is looking to file criminal charges over the BP oil rig …

June 2010 Update

60 Plus Monthly Update

  • Tribute Dinner for 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin
  • 60 Plus Stands up to EPA for Seniors
  • BP Oil Spill Illustrates Backwards Liberal Policies on Drilling
  • Florida Bill Championed by 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin
  • Seniors Deserve Freedom and Choice on Motor Vehicle Repairs
  • 60 Plus Backed Candidates Win Big at Ballot Box
  • New, User-Friendly Website Unveiled by 60 Plus

Senior Suckup: $250 Checks To Buy Senior Vote

President Uses Wheaton, Maryland Senior Center As Political Backdrop Statement by 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin Alexandria, VA – What a shameful act, an insult really, handing out $250 checks to seniors …

60 Plus Applauds First Step At Repealing Bad Medicine — Obamacare

Statement by 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin Lauding House Ways & Means Committee ranking member Dave Camp (R-MI) for his leadership efforts. Alexandria, VA – Jim Martin, chairman of the 60 Plus Association, a seniors …

Senior Voice – Spring 2010

60 Plus Quarterly Newsletter In this issue: Democrats Need Hearing Aids Not Earplugs Chairman’s Corner Tribute Dinner for Jim Martin Koop Video, Polls, Healthcare in the UK Pat Boone’s Christmas Present to …

May 2010 Update

Monthly Email Update New Numbers: ObamaCare Cracks the $1Trillion Mark This month the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released information that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, including, most of …

Seniors and Minority Leaders Praise Missouri Legislature For Calling on Congress To Block EPA’s “Regulatory Carbon Tax”

Coalition urges the U.S. Senate to “put the interests of seniors, minorities the working poor first” by passing the Murkowski resolution Washington, D.C. (May 24, 2010) — The Affordable Power Alliance (APA), …

The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act

Seniors Deserve Freedom and Choice Alexandria, VA – On behalf of more than 5.5 million citizen-activists nationwide, the 60 Plus Association asks Congress to support the passage of H.R. 2057/S.3181, the “Motor …

60 Plus Calls on Florida Senate to Pass Legislation Protecting Florida Seniors

House Bill 621 Protects Seniors Using Debit Cards Through Food Stamps & Social Security Programs Tallahassee, Fla. – With the Florida Senate expected to take a vote as early as Tuesday of …

Exposing The Phony Race Card

Statement by Jim Martin regarding the Tea Party and the race issue.