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Democrat, Republican Join Forces To Help Revamp Social Security

Sam Beard was in the room when the president of the United States made the pitch for Social Security reform. “He looked everyone in the eye and said the program is going to die,”Beard said. “He said to save Social Security, we are going to have to take major new steps.” That exchange took place in November 1998, and the president was Bill Clinton, not George W. Bush. Given the time and opportunity, Beard believes Clinton would have sought changes similar to those the president proposed earlier this year.

60 Plus Applauds New Social Security Proposals

The President’s leadership for Social Security reform is beginning to pay dividends. “In recent days, legislative proposals put forward by Senators’ Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Robert Bennett (R-UT) as well as Congressmen Sam Johnson (R-TX), Jim McCrery (R-LA), Clay Shaw (R-FL) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) all suggest reform is beginning to take root.

Endangered Species Act a Failure

“On behalf of the 60 Plus Association and senior citizens all across America, I am pleased to have added my signature in support of a letter sent by more than 50 leading national and grassroots organizations, calling on Congressman Richard Pombo, Chairman of the Committee on Resources, to not reauthorize the ESA without widespread reform,” said 60 Plus President, Jim Martin.

Social Security Here To Stay

A new Zogby poll indicates that a majority of voters favor allowing younger workers to invest in personal retirement accounts (PRAs) and that’s “good news for future retirees,” according to the head of a national senior citizens group.

Seniors Salute Sessions

Senior citizens salute Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and the more than 20 co-sponsors he has for the Jobs Protection and Estate Tax Reform Act of 2005.

Seniors Support King’s Tax Proposal

“President Bush has called for tax reform and tax simplification repeatedly since he first took office. On behalf of America’s senior citizens, we believe he is right, and the time is now. The 60 Plus Association commends Representative Steve King (R-IA), who has introduced a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives, H.J. Res. 16, to permanently repeal the 16th Amendment.”

Personalize Social Security — Wave Of The Future

A series of polls by the 60 Plus Association “proves politicians are to blame” for the myth that Social Security is the “third rail of politics — touch it and you die.”

Public Service Advisory For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens need to know that most anyone on Medicare is eligible for a Medicare-approved drug discount card that can save them big dollars on most prescription drugs.

Natural Gas Price Shock

Although America’s economy is revving up, the price of a little blue flame imperils our resurgence. As Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has said, America is threatened by high natural gas prices. This menace not only endangers our economy, it is especially threatening to America’s seniors who are struggling to make ends meet. The time has come for our national leaders to take the necessary steps to moderate soaring natural gas prices.

Shame On Liberals’ Prescription Drug Scare Tactics

60 Plus President salutes Frontiers of Freedom who has issued a report entitled “Prescription for Fear” which documents an outrageous scare campaign by numerous elected leaders against the new prescription drug benefit.