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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Yes To Schip Authorization, No To Schip Expansion Statement By Jim Martin: “As a newspaper reporter covering Congress in 1964 and as a four-pack-a day (non-filtered) smoker, I witnessed Congress, in its infinite wisdom, ban TV/Print advertising of tobacco and mandate printed warning labels on cigarette packs.

Workers Unite…Cast Off The Yoke Of Oppression Caused By Bloated Government

Cost Of Government Day Press Conference Statement By James L. Martin: “Washington, DC – Good afternoon. My name is Jim Martin and I’m head of the 15-year-old national seniors’ group, the 60 Plus Association. My hat is off to Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in its relentless pursuit to shrink big, bloated government!”

PR Maven Succumbs To Bone Marrow Cancer

60 Plus President, Jim Martin said, “Hugh Newton was one of the finest persons I’ve had the privilege to work with. He was one of the few media men everyone respected, no matter their political persuasion, and speaking for myself, the single best PR ‘flack’ I believe Washington DC has ever known.”

Seniors Head Laments House Committee On Natural Resources’ Approval Of H.R. 2337

“On behalf of senior citizens I am proud to represent from every state in the country, I want to express my dismay over Wednesday’s vote by Congressman Nick Rahall’s (D-WV) committee that I believe will diminish many of the good features of the 2005 Energy Policy Act and will, in my opinion, lead to energy shortages and make life more difficult for seniors on fixed incomes,” said 60 Plus President, Jim Martin.

H.R. 2337, The Energy Policy Reform And Revitalization Act Of 2007

Testimony Of James L. Martin, Before The House Committee On Natural Resources: “I’m Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, a 15-year-old senior citizen advocacy group. When energy supplies are tight, seniors pay disproportionately more because so many “gray hairs” are on fixed incomes.

Seniors Say No To Dorgan And Yes To Cochran

Senator Byron Dorgan’s (D-ND) amendment allowing cheap drug imports is a terrible idea and 60 Plus urges a NO vote. The Dorgan amendment poses a clear and present danger for senior citizens seeking access to less expensive and sorely needed drugs. Instead, it will open even wider the counterfeit floodgates to allow dangerously diluted medicines that Congressional hearings have already revealed many were not fit for human consumption. It’s a bad idea.

Troop Security Not For Sale

“The 60 Plus Association registers its strongest opposition to last week’s vote on the emergency supplemental spending bill for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Association President Jim Martin in a statement after the vote.

Line Item Veto Needed

“Congress: Give The President The Line Item Veto” in the January 3, 2007 edition of the Wall Street Journal, President Bush authored an op ed entitled, “What the Congress Can Do for America” in which he wrote, among other things, “It’s time Congress give the President a line item veto.”

Oil And Natural Gas Prices…Seniors Need Help!

Press To Open Up The Outer Continental Shelf For Exploration: Jim Martin Addresses Groups In Houston, Norfolk And Atlantic City. “I’m Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, a 15 year old national senior citizen’s advocacy group. I’m pleased to speak this afternoon on their behalf…about 5 million senior citizens representing every state and every Congressional District in the U.S.”

Spooking Seniors

Scaring Seniors Into The Voting Booth by Pat Boone And Jim Martin: “We seniors (yes, we’re both in that club) have any number of things to be concerned about in our later years, things that go to the welfare and happiness of our children and grandkids, prevention of identity theft, what to do in case of power outages owing to natural phenomena like hurricanes or floods, whether there will ever be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, sales scams via telemarketing or on-line fraud, home security and the like.”