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Spooking Seniors

Scaring Seniors Into The Voting Booth by Pat Boone And Jim Martin: “We seniors (yes, we’re both in that club) have any number of things to be concerned about in our later years, things that go to the welfare and happiness of our children and grandkids, prevention of identity theft, what to do in case of power outages owing to natural phenomena like hurricanes or floods, whether there will ever be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, sales scams via telemarketing or on-line fraud, home security and the like.”

Repeal The 3% Federal Excise Telephone Tax

“On behalf of the 60 Plus Association and senior citizens all across America, I am pleased to note that H.R. 1898 sponsored by Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA) has gained its 218th cosponsor this week, marking an historic opportunity for the 109th Congress to once and for all repeal the 3% federal excise telephone tax — a tax we’ve referred to for years now as the highly regressive ‘tax on talking.'” said Jim Martin

Iraq Liberation Week

“The mainstream media and their left-leaning tilt on the war in Iraq tends to circumnavigate all the good news, the hard-won victories and clear signs of progress in our mission there … while simultaneously down-playing what the clear majority of Iraqi’s themselves see as better days ahead.” So said 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin.

Praise For The Long Overdue Prescription Drug Benefit

Jim Martin, at a counter rally to an event organized on Capitol Hill by, criticized the group while praising the long overdue prescription drug benefit. There’s an old saying that a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth can get its shoes on. Well the truth has now arrived.

Seniors’ Honcho Turns 70

60 Plus Association founder and president, Jim Martin, turns 70 years young today. Martin said, “A wise man once said old is someone 15 years older than you are. How true. When I was 30, I thought 45 was old. When I was 45, I thought 60 was old. Now I believe 85 is old, or rather, never old, just old-er.”

Seniors Advocacy Group Calls On Congress To Abandon “Windfall Profits” Provisions In Tax Reconciliation Bill

60 Plus Association urged leaders in Congress to remove a “windfall profits” tax provision from the Budget Reconciliation Bill, now on its way into conference committee.

Is The Answer Blowin’ In A Windfall Tax?

Virginia’s new governor, Tim Kaine, a “new Democrat” with his party’s old penchant for taxing and spending, spent much of his response to the president’s State of the Union address urging Big Oil to “share in our sacrifice” by forfeiting “excess profits.”

Reception Celebrates 60 Plus Honorary Chairman’s 4th Book!

60 Plus Association’s dynamic and forever young Honorary Chairman, Roger Zion (R-IN, 1967-75), 84 years old going on 44, moved back to Evansville, Indiana to take life a bit easier. Instead he wrote his fourth book, The Amazing Adventures of Congressman Roger Zion.

Pat Boone Celebrates 50 Years In Show Business…

Pat Boone cranked out his first No. 1 hit record — a cover of Fats Domino’s “Ain’t That a Shame” — in 1955. He’s been at it ever since, notching 61 hits and earning himself a spot on Billboard magazine’s list of the top 10 best-selling recording artists of all time. Jim Martin, head honcho of national seniors’ group 60 Plus, was effusive in his praise of Boone who became the group’s national spokesperson in 2003. “I couldn’t be more proud of Pat’s accomplishment as a milestone showman if he were my own son!”

Help Katrina Victims: Abolish Death Tax

Statement By 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin As Estate Tax Repeal Vote Is Postponed: “I believe the Senate was wise to postpone a vote on repeal of the death tax.”