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60 Plus, Leading Senior Citizen Group, Praises Pfizer Prescription Drug Plan

The 60 Plus Association, a half million member senior citizen lobbying group, today called a new Pfizer prescription drug program to be offered at low cost to the 7 million seniors most in need a major step toward solving America’s prescription drug problem.

D For Demagogue Instead Of Democrat

The head of a national senior citizens group today declared that to equate the $1.3 trillion tax cut with the economic downturn is “ingenious at best, and dishonest at worst.” 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin issued a statement in response to a speech by Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) on the state of the economy. Martin, head of the nine year old seniors group charged that Daschle was “doing a disservice to seniors.”

Saving Social Security With Personal Retirement Accounts: The Wave Of The Future

“This is an exciting time not only for seniors but just as importantly for our children and grandchildren for they will benefit in the future from a new and improved Social Security system that will result from these options offered today by the bipartisan Commission to Strengthen Social Security. President Bush tasked the Commission with the responsibility to see that current and near retirees’ benefits are preserved, while allowing young workers to take more control of their own financial destiny with personal retirement accounts (PRA’s),” said Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association.

60 Plus Association Endorses Bush’s Prescription Plan For Seniors

James L. Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, hailed President George W. Bush’s prescription drug benefit proposal “as fulfilling a campaign promise that senior citizens will receive a benefit which will help them meet the high costs of prescription drugs.”

Statement On The Retirement Of Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)

The United States Senate will lose some of its luster when Senator Jesse Helms retires.

$60 Tax Then: $9,969.60 Tax Now

The head of the first national senior citizens organization to call for personalization of the 66-year-old Social Security system today called on Congressional Democrats to “stop scaring seniors for political gain.”

5th Annual Forum On Social Security Reform

The head of the first national senior citizens organization to call for a major overhaul of the Social Security system today urged Congress to “move boldly into the 21st century to save Social Security for future retirees.” 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin hosted his group’s 5th annual forum on the 66th anniversary of the system signed into law on this date in 1935 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Social Security Is 66!

Should The System Be Privatized? Fifth Annual Forum sponsored by the 60 Plus Association

Bush Pal Around For Long Haul

James L. Martin shares not only the President’s easygoing attitude and southernaccent, but also his get-it-done management style. It was 1968, and James L. Martin was running a tough campaign to elect Florida’s Ed Gurney to Congress. Needing some extra help, Mr. Martin hired the 22-year-old son of a Texas congressman who had little experience but plenty of energy.

President Bush Delivering On A Promise

President George W. Bush’s new framework to improve Medicare is a step in the right direction for America’s seniors. During the 2000 presidential campaign, then-Gov. Bush spent a lot of time talking about the need to reform Medicare to provide 21st-century health care to America’s seniors. Now, just six months into his presidency, President Bush has delivered on his promise.