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Seniors Hail Passage Of Bush Tax Cut

Seniors hail passage of Bush tax cuts. 60 Plus Association Chairman, Jim Martin, states, “Tax cuts benefit all of society but particularly senior citizens who live on fixed incomes.”

Death Tax Should Be Laid To Rest

It is all but certain that the American people are finally going to get some sort of tax relief. Thanks to the election of a new president and the diffident blessing of the head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, the debate on Capitol Hill is not if there is going to be a tax cut, but rather how much it will be.

Taxing Cadavers Is Gross Public Policy

“Accelerating the R.I.P. date for the death tax would be the most beneficial boost I know of to a slowing economy and to the lives of countless mom and pop businesses and farmers all across America,” says 60 Plus President, Jim Martin.

AARP: Association Against Retired Persons

By James L. Martin The American Association of Retired Persons (or AARP) is the eight hundred pound gorilla of associations supposedly representing senior citizens. In actuality, the organization is a huge fraud …

Seniors Group Endorses Bush Prescription Drug Plan

The 60 Plus Association strongly endorsed Governor George W. Bush’s plan unveiled today to provide seniors with prescription drug and other improved benefits and criticized Gore for his seven year silence.

Vice President Gore Gets “Religion” on Social Security Trust Fund

60 Plus Association Chairman, Jim Martin, stated that “Vice President Al Gore has suddenly gotten religion when it comes to the Social Security Trust Fund.” Mr. Gore’s pledge to ‘shore up and protect the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds’ with a lock box clearly rings hollow.

Personalizing Social Security

At a fourth forum on Saving Social Security sponsored by the 60 Plus Association, Association President Jim Martin declared partial privatization of the retirement system “the wave of the future”, as Social Security turned 65 years old.

Republican-Led 106th Congress Wins Designation As Most “Senior Friendly” Congress In 40 Years

The 60 Plus Association will announce at the Republican Party’s 2000 Convention in Philadelphia that it has designated the 106th Congress as the most “senior friendly” in 40 years.

Seniors And Global Warming

The Kyoto Treaty By James L. Martin “Good afternoon. I am president of a national, non-partisan senior citizens’ advocacy group, the 60 Plus Association. Our role is to look at public policy from the perspective of how it would assist seniors to better enjoy their golden years, and be free of the burden of government and higher taxes. Thus, we approach senior issues in expanding freedom for seniors, with less government and less taxes.”

Seniors Celebrate Retirement Of Earnings Test

Today is a “Super Friendly Day” for Seniors. Hailing the vote to repeal the 33% depression-era tax imposed on seniors as a “super friendly day for seniors,” 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin said, “This is as super friendly as it gets.”