Paul Ryan Speech Gives America Hope for Better Future

“Seniors win big with selection of Ryan on ticket,” says Jim Martin of 60 Plus



(Tampa, Florida) – Congressman Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination drew strong praise from 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with over 7.2 million senior supporters.

Ryan earned high marks for delivering a cogent and devastating case for why America should reject four more years of Barack Obama that laid out a path for a return of prosperity, fiscal sanity and future greatness.

“Tonight, Congressman Paul Ryan demonstrated to the nation why he will make a great Vice President of the United States, and why Mitt Romney selected him as his running mate.  Ryan exemplified exactly what great leadership is, speaking clearly, boldly, honestly and passionately on behalf of the American idealism he learned in Janesville, Wisconsin, and which he hopes to help renew for all Americans for generations to come.

“Our country faces challenges like never before.  And unlike the current occupants of the White House who have replaced leadership with excuses and finger-pointing, Paul Ryan stood before America and pledged to be ‘part of the solution.’  And if anyone knows Paul Ryan, he is a man that KEEPS his promises.

“And seniors are also big winners with the Romney/Ryan ticket, because instead of ignoring the pending insolvency of Medicare and Social Security, they offer a viable plan that will honor the promise for today’s seniors, as well as their children and grandchildren.

“This was a stirring speech that hit all the right notes and drew a clear distinction between the leadership we need, and the failure we have suffered through these past four years.  Congressman Ryan has made us proud, and given millions real hope for a better America that fixes problems, and brings us together as a nation.”