Pelosi and Congressional Democrats Dust Off Medi-Scare Tactics for 2012 Campaign

Jim Martin: “Seniors don’t matter to Democrats, only scaring them to win elections does.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – Congressional Democrats have announced they plan to win back the House in 2012 with a campaign focused entirely on attacking Republicans on the issue of Medicare, a pronouncement that prompted a response from 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors advocacy group, with over 7.1 million supporters.

“I applaud the Democrats for being honest about their dishonesty.  They are no longer even attempting to hide their deeply-rooted deceptions on the issue of Medicare, and for them this constitutes progress.

“But as they should have learned from the 2010 elections when they lost over 60 House seats, trying to scare seniors no longer works. Nor does cutting $500 billion from the program to help pay for the President’s health care legislation, which Pelosi did last time she held the Speaker’s gavel. On the issue of who will save Medicare, and who will help speed it to bankruptcy, seniors have already made their voices heard loud and clear, and sent Nancy Pelosi back into the minority.”

Martin was responding to Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Steve Israel (D-NY) stating on Sunday that the 2012 elections will be about “Medicare, Medicare, Medicare,” and that Democrats will attack sitting GOP House members for their support of Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Medicare reform plan.

“I would like nothing better for the 2012 elections to center on the issue of Medicare. Seniors remember quite vividly how Nancy Pelosi used her position as Speaker to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the program and helped unleash a ‘senior tsunami’ that swept five dozen of her members out of office.  If the Democrats want to see another ‘senior tsunami’ in 2012, we are more than happy to oblige,” Martin concluded.

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