Plant Vogtle Approval Signals “Reclaiming America’s Leadership Role in Nuclear Power”

Seniors’ leader commends “bold and courageous vote” to complete project

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (December 22, 2017) – 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman James Martin issued the following statement Friday regarding the Plant Vogtle nuclear facility in Waynesboro, Georgia:

“The December 21 vote by the Georgia Public Service Commission to permit the completion of the Plant Vogtle nuclear facility is one of the most consequential moves towards reclaiming America’s leadership role in nuclear power in nearly 40 years.

“Despite enormous liberal opposition to the project and numerous setbacks resulting from legal challenges and the bankruptcy of the project’s prime contractor, Plant Vogtle is headed toward completion, and will provide clean, reliable and affordable power to generations of Georgians. This is especially important to seniors who live on fixed incomes. Older Americans should never have to decide between heat and food or medicine, and Plant Vogtle is a big step in providing energy security for millions of families.

“Because of the enormous economic impact of nuclear power for seniors, this is an issue we will be tracking closely on behalf of our millions of members nationwide.

“The completion of Plant Vogtle is a critical development in America’s nuclear renaissance. With older nuclear plants scheduled for decommissioning in the coming years, we have to take action now to ensure that our capacity for generating nuclear energy is not placed at risk.

“I commend the Georgia Public Service Commission for its bold and courageous vote, and hope their actions signal the beginning of a 21st century revival of nuclear power for America.”


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