President Holding Seniors Hostage in Debt Debate

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin: “Shame on him for scaring seniors to for political advantage.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the largest conservative seniors advocacy group in the nation, today responded to President Obama’s suggestion that failure to raise the debt limit could prevent Social Security checks from going out on time:

“There they go again—scaring seniors for political points. The President said the “coffers” are empty. Well, seniors know that if they (the President and politicians) would keep their hands off their favorite cash cow—the SSTF, the Social Security Trust Fund, seniors will be just fine.

“This is a con job of the first order.  Playing this shell game is pure political hypocrisy. Stop embezzling from the Trust Fund.

“The President needs to wake up and smell the red ink.  His policies are bankrupting the nation, and if he seriously thinks that seniors would be forced to go without just so he can win a political battle, then he is taking malfeasance and recklessness in office to a new low.  The government brings in over $200 billion dollars every month, more than enough to pay debt obligations and meet the Social Security payroll.  Seniors deserve better and they will remember who played games with their benefits come November 2012.”


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