President Trump’s First Year

“Promises Made, Promises Kept”

Alexandria, Virginia (January 24, 2018 – 60 Plus Association Chairman and Founder James Martin today called President Donald Trump’s first year in office, “one of the most dynamic in presidential history” and noted a lengthy list of achievements that have had a direct and positive impact on the lives of Americans young and old.

“The bold leadership of President Trump has made his first year one of the most dynamic in presidential history,” said Martin. “President Trump has a bias for action and it shows in his exceptional leadership.”

Martin focused on President Trump’s tax reform victory, calling it the most significant since Ronald Reagan. “Not since President Reagan has the nation seen such expansive tax reform,” said Martin. “The response from business and consumers is stunning, and seniors who rely on 401 (k) plans, pensions and other long-term investments are more secure in their retirement thanks to Donald Trump.”

• Martin also placed a spotlight on other achievements:
• Historic tax reform
• Record Wall Street performance
• Higher consumer confidence
• Steady decline in applications for jobless benefits
• Lower unemployment across the board
• Unprecedented repeal of federal regulations resulting in more than $60 billion in taxpayer savings
• The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as associate justice to the US Supreme Court
• The confirmation of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency
• Reining-in Big Government through hiring freezes for non-critical federal jobs
• Reinvigorating the coal industry by rolling back wasteful regulations
• Approval of work on the Keystone XL pipeline
• Improving enforcement of immigration laws
• Extending the Veterans Choice Act

“The dynamism of this president makes us proud of how Donald Trump has turned around the American

economy and portends continued economic growth and a return to prosperity,” said Martin. “Having arrived in Washington, DC as a newspaper reporter during the Kennedy Administration, I can attest that no president has fulfilled more campaign promises than this president. Despite the distractions, some of his own making, President Trump continues to pleasantly surprise on a daily basis simply by doing what he promised he would do. It’s nothing short of astonishing.”