Pull the Plug: America’s Seniors Endorse Budget With No Obamacare

Jim Martin, “The charade of Obamacare is over. This toxic, destructive and dishonest law should not receive one dime of the peoples’ money.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP, today offered its enthusiastic endorsement to the passage of a House budget that fully funds the government past September 30th while withholding funds for Obamacare. Chairman Jim Martin released the following statement:

“Unlike the passage of Obamacare, which is entirely the product of one-party rule thrust on the American public against their will, this vote to fund the government is bi-partisan and highlights that even a few Democrats will set politics aside to put the brakes on the Obamacare train wreck before it wreaks even more damage.

“Obamacare has broken every promise employed to sell it, and it hasn’t even been implemented yet.  It busts our budget. It is causing people to lose their jobs, lose their doctors and lose their health plans.  It is driving up costs and taxing wheelchairs and bedpans.  Its 20,000 pages of regulations grow by the day, adding confusion and chaos to our healthcare system, while confining and choking the ability of medical professionals to provide quality care to their patients.

“President Obama has provided ample evidence he has no regard for the law, dismissing and ignoring the portions of Obamacare unpopular with his supporters, delaying mandates at will, and providing exemptions and waivers on a whim. If the President can so casually ignore the law, then We the People are under no obligation to fund it.

“When a child doesn’t clean his room, he doesn’t get his allowance. The same principle applies to our all-powerful federal government; when Obamacare breaks every promise and fails to fulfill its stated mandate, it gets no allowance from the taxpayers.

“The House of Representatives, the Peoples’ House, has listened to the people, and what they’ve heard is that Americans don’t want Obamacare wrecking their lives. To no one’s surprise they want to keep their jobs, keep their doctors, and keep their current coverage. Speaker John Boehner and the House members who cast this vote deserve our praise and support, and we encourage them all to stand firm in this critical battle on behalf of the people.”


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