Ryan Budget Saves Entitlements

60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin’s statement

(Alexandria, Virginia) – “A breath of reality—not rhetoric—is how I describe Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget blueprint to slash $6.2 trillion in deficit spending over the next ten years, reform entitlements to keep them solvent, and put our nation on a path to balanced budgets.

This is what the people have been waiting for, true leadership to deliver on the promises that swept Republicans to historic gains last November. We have no time to spare before the disastrous realities of Washington’s massive deficit spending come to bear. To quote Ronald Reagan – ‘the time is now.’

“Democrats attacked Congressman Ryan’s brave proposals in 2010, and made a huge push in the media to turn public sentiment back to their favor. The word ‘draconian’ comes to mind. It was overused by Democrats who tried to demonize spending cuts and to scare seniors as they do every reelection cycle. It no longer works. The result is they suffered a historic defeat, demonstrating that Americans prefer to cut spending and put our nation on a path to economic growth and balanced budgets.

“The time for empty rhetoric is over. It’s time for leadership to address the serious problems our nation faces. We cannot wish our problems away, we must take action. Everyone, except the President and liberals in Congress, understand that America cannot endure on this current path. Further delay only makes the inevitable pain much more severe, which is why we urge every American to support the priorities Congressman Ryan has so thoughtfully articulated.”


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