Senator Max Baucus Retirement Opens Door to Death Tax Repeal

(Alexandria, VA) – Senator Max Baucus has represented his constituents well on many issues, breaking ranks with his fellow Democrats on many issues important to Montana, and for that we thank him for his service to his state. But on the issue of the Death Tax, Senator Baucus has not been on the side of Montanans. Upon hearing the news of Senator Baucus’ retirement, Jim Martin, Chairman of the 60 Plus Association had this to say:

“Today’s announcement of Senator Baucus’ retirement means Death Tax repeal can move forward in the Senate. Senator Baucus has long told his constituents that he is a friend to the state’s farmers and ranchers and claimed to protect them from the Death Tax, but as Chairman of the Senate’s tax writing Finance Committee he hasn’t lifted a finger to move repeal forward. Under his Chairmanship, not a single hearing on Death Tax repeal has been held, no markups of repeal bills have taken place, and no speeches about the destructive nature of the Death Tax have been given.

“For Montanans, the retirement of Senator Baucus is an opportunity to elect a new Senator who believes the Death Tax is wrong and needs to be repealed. This upcoming election will be important for many seniors’ issues including the Death Tax. As President Obama continues to push for an increase in the Death Tax, more voices for full repeal must be elected to the Senate. It is time for Montana to send a strong voice to oppose President Obama on issues that hurt Montanans like the Death Tax.”


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