Seniors Already Negatively Affected by ObamaCare, Says 60 Plus Chair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chairman of the 60 Plus Association Jim Martin today issued the following statement regarding Harvard Pilgrim’s cancellation of its Medicare Advantage Plan:

“In the process of passing the Obama/Pelosi health care disaster, one of the most popular catchphrases for Washington liberals became:  If you like your coverage, you’ll get to keep it.  Clearly, that did not apply to seniors.  Today, 22,000 senior citizens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine were told they won’t be able to keep their coverage because the new health care law froze reimbursements to their health insurance program.  These seniors will be forced to switch coverage options, switch clinics, and most critically, switch doctors.

“Washington liberals sacrificed the health of America’s Greatest Generation in order to buy ObamaCare, which failed to even fix the problem which plagues our health care system.  Seniors across America cannot understand why liberals in Washington voted against them on ObamaCare, but there is no doubt that we understand why supporters of this health care disaster will be voted out this November.”


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