Seniors Keeping Score

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin: “America’s Seniors want Congress to make reforms that will return our country to fiscal health by adopting the Cut, Cap and Balance approach.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin – the leader of the most influential conservative seniors’ advocacy group in the nation – today put Capitol Hill on notice that “All floor votes on ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ will be scored as a critical issue for the nation’s future well-being.”

Martin emphasized: “I cannot stress strongly enough that senior citizens and soon-to-be-seniors voted in record numbers last Fall to urge Congress to help the nation achieve long-term stability and end the reckless spending that has crippled our economy.  Those who will not address this financial crisis now will do this at their own political peril.”

On behalf of over seven and a half million senior citizen activists, the 60 Plus Association calls on Congress to cut the deficit, establish statutory spending caps, and adopt an amendment to the Constitution of the United States for a national balanced budget.

Martin said: “As Chairman of 60 Plus, I spent months on the road last year, journeying across the nation to meet with taxpayers, families, small business owners and various civic and policy organizations.  As we visited almost every state we held town halls and rallies, listening to the concerns of seniors and soon-to-be seniors.  Here’s what they told us:

  • Americans are deeply concerned about the consequences of this rampant government spending spree.
  • They are worried that the deficit has grown to be the largest since World War II, and fear this federal debt harms their children and compromises their grandchildren’s future.
  • They want significant cuts in the national debt.
  • And, they want to see Congress balance the nation’s budget.  They have overwhelmingly told me that current budget policy cripples our economic stability and that the biggest threat to national security lies in our debt.

They and their families have had to tighten their belts, and they want the government to do the same.  They have said it is not sound financial policy to open up a new credit card when the current one is maxed out.  Seniors, and indeed most Americans, don’t want to see a budget balanced by increasing taxes or by taking out more loans.  They want significant cuts, and they want them now.”


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