Seniors Leader Calls for Removal of Price Controls From CARES Act

Surprise medical billing requires, “legislating this Obamacare practice out of existence”

60 Plus Association and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement in response to proposals to include price controls in pending coronavirus legislation in Congress:

“The shameful cynicism of congressional Democrats seems to know no bounds. While the nation and the world grapple with the growing threat of the Chinese coronavirus, it seems liberals never miss an opportunity to try and slip socialist policies into emergency legislation. 

The latest example involves efforts to include price controls on surprise medical billing into the pending CARES bill designed to provide relief to American families and businesses. Surprise medical billing happens when a sick person seeks treatment at a medical facility that’s in their health insurance network, but receives a treatment from an individual who is NOT in that insurance network. 

Price controls ignore this problem and we don’t need them to correct surprise medical billing. The answer is legislating this Obamacare practice out of existence with thoughtful legislation. 

Congress must put partisanship aside in responding to the current health and economic threats facing the United States. Once we beat this invisible enemy, let’s tackle surprise medical billing in a way that is fair to consumers and reflects the best of free market principles.” 

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