Seniors Tell President “Hands Off Our Social Security and Medicare”

“Obama proposal yet another assault on America’s seniors.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the most influential conservative seniors advocacy group in the nation with over 7 million supporters, today responded to President Obama’s proposal to cut the national debt with a combination of tax increases and deep cuts to both Social Security and Medicare.  “I don’t often agree with the far left in the President’s party but I join them in their call to the President to keep ‘hands off Social Security and Medicare’.

“Social Security is not the cause of our debt; decades of reckless spending and Washington politicians embezzling money from the cash-cow Social Security Trust Fund are the cause.  For the President to rob seniors even further by proposing cuts to Social Security while he creates mammoth new entitlements shows he still doesn’t get it.  His declaration of war on seniors last year when he cut over $500 billion from Medicare cost his party over 60 seats in the Congress.

“Despite his long track record of anti-senior policies, I never fail to be shocked at President Obama’s continued assault on America’s elderly.  He is the most profligate and reckless spender in the history of our nation, and his proposal to pay for his incompetence with even more cuts to Medicare and reducing Social Security payments is an outrage this senior and millions of others will not stand for it.

“The president wants to rob America’s senior citizens, and he’s asking the Republicans to drive the get-away car by joining him in this proposal.  For their sake, I hope the Republican leadership turns a deaf ear to this continued attack on older Americans and declares this proposal ‘d.o.a.’

“The solution to America’s debt crisis is not cutting benefits and taxing seniors.  The solution is to stop creating new entitlements and other spending obligations and to get serious about entitlement reform.   True reform protects today’s seniors and those nearing retirement, while also providing options to America’s younger workers regarding their retirement and health care needs.”


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