Socialized Medicine — The Orphan Of The New Deal

You have to give credit to American progressives for their tenacity. They play the long game, keeping their fingers on the pulse on the nation while patiently awaiting new opportunities to inflict their policies on the nation.

This is precisely what we are seeing today with the battle cry of “Medicare for All,” raised by people from progressive agitators like Bernie Sanders to some House Republicans. It is the latest bumper sticker policy that tax-and-spend liberals see as the answer to their century-old dream of socialized medicine. 

Most Americans know Medicare as the primary means by which seniors and the disabled can have access to quality health care. While that reflects its structure and current purpose, its origins are far less altruistic.

Franklin Roosevelt wanted desperately to impose a system of socialized medicine in the 1930s but was thwarted by the political impossibility of simultaneously moving the Social Security Act and single-payer health care through Congress. Feeling more pressure to pass Social Security, FDR abandoned socialized medicine, making it the Orphan of The New Deal. 

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