Statement by 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin on NY-25 recount

“It has been brought to our attention through the media and first-hand accounts that Congressman Dan Maffei, losing his seat by several hundred votes, is working to target and disqualify absentee votes cast by senior citizens in his effort to alter the legitimate outcome of the election in New York’s 25th Congressional District.

“Congressman Maffei’s own staff has admitted that their ‘strategy’ involves calling and visiting seniors, and others, to identify who they voted for in the election.  Understanding that he is behind in the total vote count and trails in the number of absentee ballots returned in Onondaga County, Congressman Maffei appears to be asking for such information in order to have votes cast for anyone but himself thrown-out and not counted. That is an insult to seniors, so many of them, men and women alike, who have served in our Armed Forces.

“It is outrageous that a Member of the United States Congress would actively work to throw out the legal and eligible votes of his own senior citizen constituents.  The seniors Congressman Maffei is seeking to disqualify are the individuals who built the communities of the 25th Congressional District.  They are the votes of our veterans, our parents and our grandparents.  These seniors deserve to have their absentee votes counted.  Any underhanded strategy that seeks to have these seniors’ eligible votes thrown-out is an affront to all retirees.

“All seniors throughout the 25th Congressional District, and specifically Onondaga County, should be aware that they are under no obligation to disclose who they voted for in any election.  It is distressing that anyone – but especially a Member of Congress – would tamper with the sanctity of the secret ballot.  If any senior is contacted or approached they should immediately ask for identification of those asking such questions, write down the names and address of those individuals and understand they are under no obligation to anyone to disclose for whom they have voted.”


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