The Mueller Investigation That Wasn’t?!?

What Did Mueller Know and When: After an unbelievably uneventful, but important day on Capitol Hill is appears the well regarded front man for “the investigation” Robert Muller may have done little more than “signed” the final report.

He added very little insight other than to make it abundantly clear he didn’t know what was in much of the report. Couldn’t respond much more effectively than say “if it’s in the report, I support it”…really???

This fiasco all but ends any rational and legitimitate effort to impeach the President. It exposes the political farce the attempted political assassination really was. Clearly the Obama Administration political hacks in the White House, FBI, CIA and elsewhere were determined to stop President Trump at all costs including spying on and entrapping political opponents.

Those guilty of knowingly and willfully abusing our law enforcement and intelligence services to spy on political opponents, especially those who are citizens of the United States based on clearly politically motivated and campaign or party funded “dossier” deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We can’t be a rule of law country when political operatives are allowed to abuse the very basis of our country’s political system by cheating, spying, lying and abusing our political process.

So what did Mr. Mueller know? When did he know it? Who wrote the report? Who planned the coup? Who directed the targets? Who abused their official government positions for political gain? What did President Obama know, approve or ignore…and when?

These and many other important questions have to be answered so this NEVER happens again, by any party, any politician threatening the great Republic.

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Bernie Sanders campaign announces it will cut hours to pay staffers $15 minimum wage, prompting mockery. Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers’ hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Mueller’s testimony equals end of any Trump impeachment talk. Bumblin’ Bob was a train wreck of epic proportions. The fallout is immediate, starting with this: Impeachment is no longer an option.

Devin Nunes compares Russian conspiracy allegations to Loch Ness Monster. Representative Nunes said the hearing was the “last gasp of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.”

-Saul Anuzis

What Mueller Was Trying to Hide

Special counsel Robert Mueller testified before two House committees Wednesday, and his performance requires us to look at his investigation and report in a new light. We’ve been told it was solely about Russian electoral interference and obstruction of justice. It’s now clear it was equally about protecting the actual miscreants behind the Russia-collusion hoax.

The most notable aspect of the Mueller report was always what it omitted: the origins of this mess. Christopher Steele’s dossier was central to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe, the basis of many of the claims of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Yet the Mueller authors studiously wrote around the dossier, mentioning it only in perfunctory terms. The report ignored Mr. Steele’s paymaster, Fusion GPS, and its own ties to Russians. It also ignored Fusion’s paymaster, the Clinton campaign, and the ugly politics behind the dossier hit job.

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The Day of Reckoning Is Coming

Mueller was nothing more than a dupe for Weissman who was acting on orders from Rosenstein who was acting on orders from Comey who was most likely acting on orders from Obama or Jarrett.

This is the single biggest scandal in America history. It is Treason plain and simple. The punishment for Treason is the death penalty. Do you think it’s a coincidence that AG Barr reinstated the death penalty for Federal Crimes??? Think about it.

I believe that God does things at certain times for certain reasons. Certain people are put in place at certain times. No one could have led England during WWII other than Churchill.
No one could have endured the constant onslaught from the Establishment and the media like Donald Trump. His best appointment has proven to be AG Barr who is going to bring to justice all that participated in the coup.

Nothing would make me happier than to see all involved prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I will bring the popcorn for everyone.

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Trump Approval Rating Hits Record High in New Poll

Well into his third year in office, President Trump’s approval rating has reached a record high, according to a poll released Monday.

Trump’s approval rating hit 44 percent in the new NPR/NewsHour/Marist poll, the highest level at which it’s been recorded in any mainstream opinion poll with the exception of a a July 7 Washington Post poll that recorded 47 percent approval.

Respondents were surveyed from July 15 to July 17, in the days following the president’s tweet instructing four freshman congresswoman of color to “go back” to their home countries.
Since taking office Trump’s approval rating has hovered between 35 and 43 percent in the Marist poll.

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Trump’s changes to asylum rules make perfect sense

If migrants are already safe in another country, why shouldn’t they apply for asylum there before coming to the United States and applying here?

That’s the perfectly sound logic behind a rule Team Trump put in place Monday: Migrants who pass through another country will be ineligible for US asylum unless they’ve first sought it, unsuccessfully, in that third country.

Naturally, advocate groups promptly filed legal challenges to the rule, arguing that Congress hasn’t specifically OK’d it. Their lead lawyer, Lee Gelernt, claims that current law requires foreigners to seek asylum in a third country only if that country has a formal deal with Washington and can “ensure a safe and meaningful opportunity to obtain asylum” there.
That’s far from clear. Attorney General William Barr insists the rule “is a lawful exercise of authority provided by Congress to restrict eligibility for asylum.”

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81 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

We the media have “fact-checked” President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet—and he’s certainly given us plenty to write about. That’s probably why it’s so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, missteps and “lies.”

But as self-appointed arbiters of truth, we’ve largely excused our own unprecedented string of fact-challenged reporting. The truth is, formerly well-respected, top news organizations are making repeat, unforced errors in numbers that were unheard of just a couple of years ago.

Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump’s claims are “lies” when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump’s statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they’re established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories—without labeling them as opinions.

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Ted Cruz, progressive hero? Texan defies hard-liner image with AOC cooperation and more

Something’s changed about Ted Cruz – and it’s not just the beard.

First, there was the common ground with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Then, there was the push for people to donate supplies to detained migrants at the border. Then, Cruz called out Tennessee for honoring a Confederate Army general with an ugly past.

Is the senator from Texas – the unapologetic conservative who ran for president in 2016 saying Republicans win by painting “in bold colors, not pale pastels”– making a conscious effort to expand his appeal beyond conservatives?

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