The Senate Must Right this Wrong Now

A $500 Annual Tax increase on Seniors Not Acceptable

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (September 19, 2017) — 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman Jim Martin is asking Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and Bill Cassidy (LA) to not let another Obamacare tax take effect on their watch.

“Seniors on Medicare Advantage will see an increase starting January 1, 2018, to the tune of $500 per couple every year unless Congress act now. Any legislation that seeks to reform the health care system must start by not adding even further expense to already over-burdened consumers, particularly seniors on fixed income,” Martin said.

“While we appreciate your efforts for continuing to try and improve our health care system with the Graham-Cassidy legislation we are imploring you to please include at the very least, a one year suspension of Obamacare Health Insurance Tax for all Americans.

“A $500 annual tax increase on seniors isn’t’ something that can be ignored or would be easily forgotten. Senators, we urge you to do the right thing and fix this wrong before it’s too late,” concluded Martin.