Trump Policies Lower Rx Prices, Increase Generic Options

“Astonishing results,” in just 100 days after Trump’s ‘Patient’s First Blueprint’

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (August 21, 2018) – 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman James Martin issued the following statement on Tuesday, which marks the first 100 days of the Trump administration’s American Patients First Blueprint to lower drug prices and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

“President Trump promised to lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and he has kept that promise. The thing that is a little surprising is how effective the president has been in succeeding.

It’s only been 100 days since President Trump’s American Patients First Blueprint took effect and seniors have already seen astonishing results. In just a few short months, there’s been a 60 percent decrease in the number of name brand drug price hikes compared with last year, and the number of price cuts for generic drugs is 54 percent higher during the same time frame. In the month of July alone, a record breaking 126 generic medicines were also approved for consumer use.

President Trump understands what millions of seniors have known for years; that government regulations are making them pay more for medicine. The American Patients First Blueprint is cutting through all that red tape and the result is seniors are paying less for medicine and saving more for their families.

The Trump administration has also had a major impact on the industry. Several drug companies have rolled-back or otherwise lowered drug prices, while others have canceled price increases or frozen drug prices through 2018. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum and we all appreciate the efforts of brand name and generic drug makers who are making their drugs more affordable. This truly is a remarkable achievement for the administration.

Americans are growing accustomed to the fact that Donald Trump is a president who keeps his campaign promises. But the success of his blueprint for lowering the price of drugs is a tremendous feat of statesmanship that is helping seniors and other Americans who rely on prescription medicine manage their health care.”