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Charlie Crist Confirms He Will Lie and Say Anything to Win Office

“Very disturbing behavior”

Jim Martin: The only question for Charlie Crist is, were you lying then, or lying now? Given Charlie’s long history of political opportunism, the answer is both.

(Alexandria, VA) – Florida Democrats nominated party-switching, political opportunist Charlie Crist as their nominee for governor on Tuesday, despite the fact Crist had previously won statewide office three times as a Republican, including the office of governor. Democrats settling on the recycled Crist underscores the weakness of a state party unable to field a viable candidate committed to their party platform beyond the last election cycle.

August 27, 2014 | Read more…

Obamacare Cheerleader Charlie Crist Still a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to FL Seniors

Jim Martin: “Charlie Crist has lost his mind if he thinks Florida seniors share his view that Obamacare is ‘great’ and want to return to the days of his tax hikes from the Governor’s mansion.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with over 7.2 million senior supporters, including 800,000 in his home state of Florida, today issued a statement rebuking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s claims that he is represents the interests of Florida’s seniors. Said Martin:

August 8, 2014 | Read more…

60 Plus Association Releases Ad Criticizing AZ Primary Candidate Scott Smith for Supporting Medicaid Expansion

(ALEXANDRIA, VA) – This week the 60 Plus Association will begin running television ads in Arizona highlighting former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith’s support of Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in Arizona. Smith is a candidate in the Republican primary for Governor. 60 Plus represents over 167,000 senior supporters in the Grand Canyon state.

August 5, 2014 | Read more…

Seniors Group Hits Back Against Anti-Energy EPA Regulations

(Atlanta, Georgia) – The non-partisan 60 Plus Association, representing more than 7.2 million seniors nationwide, today hit back against a draconian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory proposal intended to fulfill President Obama’s promise to make the cost of electricity “necessarily skyrocket,” hurting the poor and seniors on fixed-incomes.

July 29, 2014 | Read more…

Senator Warner Runs, But Can’t Hide from his Anti-Senior Record in Virginia Senate Debate

Jim Martin: “Seniors have better memories than you think, Sen. Warner. Despite your phony rhetoric, we know that you cut Medicare, you said ‘NO’ to offshore drilling, you raised our taxes and were a deciding vote to pass Obamacare.”

(Alexandria, VA) – In a debate hosted this morning by the Virginia Bar Association, U.S. Senate candidates Sen. Mark Warner (D) and Ed Gillespie (R) squared off on a host of issues important to Virginia senior citizens.

July 26, 2014 | Read more…

60 Plus Chairman Voices Opinion on Obama and EPA’s War on Coal

“President Obama’s War on Coal is an unmitigated War on Seniors. If implemented, EPA’s radical regulations – aimed at shutting down coal fired power plants – the cheapest and most reliable source of electricity – will ‘necessarily skyrocket’ (as Candidate Obama once said) the cost of electricity and the power bills of senior citizens. To the elderly, especially those on fixed incomes, such an increase would be an economic disaster for them. Coal provides the reliable and affordable electricity America needs. America’s economy runs on coal, senior’s lives literally depend on coal.”  – Jim Martin, Founder and Chairman, 60 Plus Association

July 25, 2014 | Read more…

Stand up to the EPA

Make YOUR voice heard at the hearings listed below and let Obama and the liberals know that a War on Coal is a War on Seniors!

Learn more:

July 21, 2014 | Read more…