60 Plus Association Chairman Demands Apology from AARP and Liberals for Obamacare Ills

“The truth is clear: Democrats and their allied groups such as AARP lied to the American people and owe them an apology. We must repeal Obamacare.”

60 Plus Association Chairman and Founder Jim Martin responded to the latest reports of healthcare premium increasing up to 25% with the following statement calling upon Obamacare supporters to take responsibility for their actions:

“Liberals and their allies including AARP pushed for Obamacare in spite of the inevitable consequences including rate increases, limited access to care and fewer plan options for families. Unfortunately, we are seeing those consequences become a reality. The fact is AARP and democrats owe the many suffering an apology.

“Americans cannot afford these skyrocketing healthcare premiums and deductibles. Beyond that national healthcare carriers are rapidly pulling out of Obamacare, and more and more Americans will only have a single insurer in their market.  With no competition, the quality of healthcare can only diminish as prices continue to surge.  Rationing of healthcare is next.

“President Obama promised that Obamacare would mean more choice, more competition, and lower costs.  Now Hillary Clinton wants to continue this failed legacy, while Donald Trump has a plan to repeal this disastrous law and replace it with reforms that will benefit all Americans.”

Martin went on to emphasize that 60 Plus will continue to push for the full repeal of Obamacare saying, “We know that Obamacare is failing seniors and American families; lawmakers need to immediately pursue patient centered free market solutions and repeal Obamacare when they return to D.C. after the November elections.”