60 Plus Urges House: Pass the Boehner Plan

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin: “Boehner plan moves nation in right direction. Get ‘er done!”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the most prominent conservative seniors advocacy group in the nation, today issued the following statement urging the House and Senate to pass the most recent debt-limit plan offered by House Speaker John Boehner:

“Though far from perfect, the plan offered by Speaker Boehner to solve our debt-limit crisis is a reasonable proposal that begins the critical process of ending the uncontrolled, blank-check spending habits of Washington and making a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment a reality.

“We at the 60 Plus Association were strong proponents of the ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ (CCB) proposal that would have instilled real limits on national spending, but with that plan having been defeated by the pathologically irresponsible spenders in Congress, the Boehner plan is our best option.

“The President says we all ought to ‘compromise,’ which in his dictionary means rubber-stamping his spending proposals, taxing the job creators and putting our nation trillions more into debt.  This is entirely unacceptable and I applaud Speaker Boehner for not falling for this obvious trap and courageously standing firm in the face of the liberal mainstream media.

“This is the crunch time moment when the Speaker needs to keep his spine stiff, so we are here to remind him that tens of millions of Americans have his back.  So let us begin to move our nation in the right direction toward fiscal sanity by passing the Boehner plan in the House.”