Personalize Social Security — Wave Of The Future

Seniors Support President Bush

Washington — A series of polls by a national senior citizen organization “proves politicians are to blame” for the myth that Social Security is the “third rail of politics — touch it and you die.”

In the words of 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, “Our polls over the years, from 1995 to the present, show that it’s courageous seniors who have disconnected the so-called third rail and exposed political demagogues as those who cynically plug it back in….and the 900 pound gorilla, the AARP, is the worst offender, claiming seniors would have to gamble on the stock market, yet AARP hawks stocks to seniors within its own magazine! The height of hypocrisy.”

Martin said polls show that there is only a third rail to fear when politicians demagogue the issue, otherwise it’s non existent. “Stop hustling votes by scaring old folks,” Martin warned.

Martin said seniors show “true leadership on this volatile issue,” and urged politicians to do the same. “Once and for all, set aside politics for the good of the country. Other seniors groups’ as well, particularly the AARP, should heed the advice of our wise generation of elderly Americans’ who’ve worked so hard to make our country great.”

When asked, “Should Congress allow the citizens the option of placing part or all of their social security into a private system,” 52% responded yes, 17% opposed it and 31% were undecided. Asked if “Congress should consider reducing the Social Security payroll tax by the amount not needed to pay current benefits (the trust fund surplus) and require that these savings be placed in an Individual Social Security Retirement Accounts (ISSRA),” 59% answered favorably, 12.5% were against and 28.5% were undecided.

Martin said 60 Plus became the first seniors’ group 10 years ago to endorse reform, following the lead of Chile and other countries “proof positive that the system can be improved if politics will not rear its partisan head.”

Martin lauded President Bush for his strong leadership on the issue, saying “promises made, promises kept” best summarizes his thoughts. “The President ran on Social Security reform and he is now delivering, the mark of a true leader,” Martin said. “Democrats’ haven’t offered a proposal yet they agree benefits will have to be cut as much as 25% in another generation. Are they for benefit cuts?”