Latest AARP Ad Fails to Erase Their Betrayal of Seniors

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin: “Wake me up when AARP actually runs a truthful ad.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the largest conservative seniors advocacy group in the nation, today responded to a new TV ad campaign put forward by the AARP, which warns members of Congress against cutting senior benefits, or else face the wrath of 50 million senior voters come November, 2012.

“It’s nice of the AARP to voice opposition to wasteful Washington spending (with your tax dollars), but the biggest spender in world history is Barack Obama, and far from standing up to him, the AARP has given him their blessing at every turn.  Warning against cuts to Medicare and Social Security? Total hypocrisy by the Fortune 500 insurance giant. Where was AARP’s ‘voice’ when President Obama slashed a half trillion dollars from Medicare?

“Seniors were outraged and voted in record numbers in 2010 against the President and his fellow Democrats. AARP then preformed its infamous ‘two-step,’ one step forward, and when you expose them for what they are, an insurance conglomerate making millions on the backs of seniors, they retreat two steps and pretend they are looking out for the elderly. Hypocrisy at its worst.

“These ads are an insulting attempt to rewrite history, but seniors have long memories and are not fooled by this newest charade.

“AARP has one thing right, come November, 2012 seniors will be voting in record numbers, and seniors will most definitely remember who was on their side, and who betrayed them. The AARP is forever AWOL in the battle to protect seniors and their families.”