By A Wide Margin Americans Trust Bush Over Daschle To Reform Social Security

Washington, D.C.– By a 51 to 34% margin, the American public trusts President Bush more than Senate Majority Leader Daschle to reform the Social Security system.

A nationwide poll of 1200 adults, January 14-17, 2002, the 60 Plus Association conducted by Fabrizio McLaughlin Associates showed that President Bush is trusted on this issue one and a half times more than Senate Majority Leader Daschle (D-S. Dakota). The President has majority support (51%) over Senator Daschle for reform among Americans below Age 55; and political party is extremely important in how Americans view Social Security reform with President Bush losing only 5% of Republicans, while Daschle loses 22% of Democrats.

In a speech last Sunday in Albany, New York at the 35th annual meeting of the Conservative Party of New York, Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus, commented on the survey results saying, “President Bush has already demonstrated with education that he can change public perception of a traditionally Democratic issue. Clearly, President Bush has shown a willingness to lead on this issue and if the White house chooses to make a long-term commitment to this issue (Social Security), the results of our survey show that he would find a willing audience, which could help Republican candidates in 2002.”

60 Plus is a 10-year old non-profit, nonpartisan group with more than 500,000 members nationwide
with a less government, less taxes approach to seniors’ issues. In 1995, it became the first national senior citizens group to endorse publicly the privatization of the Social Security program to strengthen and save it for future retirees.

In the survey, the 1200 adults were asked, “Who do you trust more to reform the Social Security system?” President Bush or Senate Majority Leader Daschle with both clearly identified as members of their respective political parties. 51% said President Bush, 34% said Senator Daschle and 15% said neither (1% said both); and by age group it was 51 to 34 for 18-34 year olds, 53-32 for the 35- 54 age group and for 55+ it was 48-37.

By party, 87% of Republicans trust President Bush with 5% for Senator Daschle, 68% of Democrats trust Senator Daschle but 22% of Democrats support President Bush on this issue.

The poll also showed the most support for President Bush in the South (57%), but he was well ahead of Senator Daschle in the Northeast, Midwest and West.