Have They No Shame?

Statement by 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin responding to Democratic email, including a cartoon video depicting President Bush pushing seniors’ in wheelchairs down a path ‘…toward destruction.’

Washington, DC — “Have they no shame? This is sick, in fact, sickening. To imply that President Bush or anybody else will send old folks in wheelchairs to the poor house by harming Social Security is not only deceitful but it’s totally dishonest. For 40 years, first as a reporter covering Congress, and now lobbying for seniors’, I have never seen such sheer hypocrisy.

“Actually, it’s pretty sad that the once vibrant Democrat party is reduced to outright lies to scare seniors, a tactic they’ve deceptively used for over 30 years. Seniors deserve better. Seniors are tired of being sucker-punched by unscrupulous politicians using these despicable tactics.>

“Nobody but nobody will take away or hurt Social Security. It’s more likely that a meteorite will strike the Social Security headquarters. I thought common decency in politics was on the comeback but Democrats seem to be determined to make a mockery of its return.”