Let Us Decide For Ourselves

Motoring Consumer Knows Best

Statement By 60 Plus Association President James L. Martin

Arlington, VA — “On behalf of senior citizens all across America, I am both pleased and honored to add my voice to those calling for passage of legislation presently before Congress, H.R. 2735 and S. 2138…together, more commonly referred to as The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act.

These bills represent common sense and pro-consumer initiatives that I’m certain seniors’ know are in their best interest.

Today, the major automobile manufacturers and their dealerships hold great sway over the repair and servicing of their automobiles. This is primarily accomplished by secrecy… by preventing the free marketplace from gathering what I call ‘the inside skinny’ on service and parts replacement, such as particulars surrounding the on-board computers of today’s cars, details about brake systems, air bags, ignition, steering and other such auto-specific information. Effectively locking out motorists from key automotive information, by essentially determining who repairs and maintains their automobile — even including the individual car owner who elects to be a ‘Mr. Fix-it’ — strikes this senior as anti-competitive and anti-consumer. It’s just plain wrong.

And what of safety? If seniors get stranded on a lonely rural location with a dealer many miles away, it could be risky for their health and well being not to have the convenience of choice in repair options.

The 60 Plus Association says give we senior citizens every right to choose what repair shop we wish to bring our car to for servicing. Auto dealerships are fine places to choose from — but should not be the only place to go for servicing. That’s just not the American way.”