Democrats Keep Sliding to the Left!?!

A Far Left Democratic Party: There are few, if any “moderate” Democrats left in their leadership, who set policy and direct what, who and where the Democrats play.

The Loony Left is in control and Katie bar the door. They want socialism.

The problem with socialism, as Margaret Thatcher once said “eventually you run out of other people’s money!”

So the fringe progressive wing of the Democratic party is exaggerating wedge issues, distorting the facts, and promising “free stuff” to as many constituencies as they can to buy their vote.

When you rob Peter to pay Paul you can usually count on Paul’s support. As the TAXPAYERS get raked over the coals for more money by Democrats to pay for all their “free” programs, we are raising a generation that expects more, and in some cases, everything from the government.

Just remember this little fact, the government can’t give anything to anyone until it first takes something from someone else.

Let’s vote for the taxpayer…you know, the guys paying the bills!!!

-Saul Anuzis

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Weekly News Video Summary:

Democratic clash over ‘Medicare for All’ reaches new heights in debate

Democratic presidential candidates clashed in some of the strongest terms yet over the “Medicare for All” policy dividing the field at the Nevada debate on Wednesday night.

Labor’s civil war over ‘Medicare for All’ threatens its 2020 clout

“Medicare for All” is roiling labor unions across the country, threatening to divide a critical part of the Democratic base ahead of several major presidential primaries.

Bloomberg Nails ‘Socialist’ Bernie: You’re ‘A Millionaire With 3 Houses’ Billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg blasted the hypocrisy of socialist Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday during NBC’s presidential debate by pointing out how Sanders is a millionaire who owns three homes.

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The Democrats’ Predicament

Democrats — are in over the prospect of Sen. Bernie Sanders winning their nomination. If nominated, they’re running a socialist. If not, their base will be out of sorts.

It’s time for a reckoning. The Democratic Party is going to have to be honest with itself — and the American voters — sooner or later. It is already mostly socialist. But is it ready to embrace the label?

While a majority of Democrats now have a favorable view of socialism (just think about that for a second), a majority of Americans do not, though the gap is shrinking thanks to liberal academia, Hollywood and Democratic propaganda.

Democrats always go left during primaries and pretend to be moderate during the general election campaign. But radical leftism now controls their party, and they have little plausible deniability.

If Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the nominee, which seems unlikely, we’ll see the media conspiring with her to deceive voters about her socialism. With policies sometimes to the left of Sanders, she still hasn’t owned up to the label.

If Sanders, a card-carrying socialist, is the nominee, there’ll be no point in the media denying it — and Sanders probably won’t either, though crazier things have happened than a proud socialist temporarily shedding his Marxist cap to win the presidency and push the nation further toward socialism.

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‘Stonewall, Deflect And Deny’: Sen Hawley Says Google Is Resorting To Old Tricks As Attorneys General Turn Up The Heat

Sen. Josh Hawley lambasted Google on Friday for reportedly stonewalling state attorneys general as they attempt to investigate the company for supposedly engaging in anticompetitive practices.

Google is dusting off a familiar playbook, Hawley told The Wall Street Journal in response to a report Friday that the company is resisting attorneys general requests for information as they investigate big tech. He spearheaded an antitrust probe targeting Google as Missouri’s attorney general back in 2017.

“First they said they weren’t subject to Missouri’s antitrust and consumer-protection laws,” Hawley said. “Then they refused to turn over documents and information. Then they didn’t turn over what they said they would.”

He added: “It’s the Google playbook — stall, stonewall, deflect and deny, because they are afraid the public will finally get the truth.”

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Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a ‘shock wave’

When President Trump ticks off his accomplishments since taking office, he frequently mentions his aggressive makeover of a key sector of the federal judiciary the circuit courts of appeal, where he has appointed 51 judges to lifetime jobs in three years.

In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other states. Because of Trump’s success in filling vacancies, the San Francisco-based circuit, long dominated by Democratic appointees, has suddenly shifted to the right, with an even more pronounced tilt expected in the years ahead.

Trump has now named 10 judges to the 9th Circuit “more than one-third of its active judges” compared with seven appointed by President Obama over eight years.

“Trump has effectively flipped the circuit,” said 9th Circuit Judge Milan D. Smith Jr., an appointee of President George W. Bush.

To assess the early impact of these appointments, The Times interviewed several judges on the 9th Circuit. Some either declined to discuss their colleagues or inner deliberations or refused to be quoted by name, saying they were not authorized to speak about what goes on behind the scenes.

To be sure, some of the new appointees to the 9th Circuit have quickly won the respect of their colleagues. But the rapid influx of so many judges ”most without judicial experience” has put strains upon the court and stirred criticism among judges appointed by both Democratic and Republican presidents.

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Bloomberg Calls Sanders The ‘Best Known Socialist’ Who ‘Happens To Be A Millionaire With Three Houses’

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders lost his cool Wednesday night when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called him the “best known socialist” who “happens to be a millionaire with three houses.”

A fiery end to what had already been a contentious Democratic primary debate, which included the billionaire businessman for the first time, was sparked by NBC anchor Lester Holt’s question to Sanders about two-thirds of voters being “uncomfortable with a socialist candidate for president.”

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Study Finds Most Journalists Are Further Left Politically Than Bernie Sanders

Anyone who has watched their coverage of Trump over the last few years knows this. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

But the truth is more shocking than you know.

Most of these people are further left than Bernie Sanders, the most far left political figure of our time.

Hot Air reports:

Study: Most Journalists Are To The Left Of Bernie Sanders (But Don’t Worry They’re Totally Fair)

An academic study by a trio of professors claims to have proven there is no such thing as media bias despite the fact that the same study found most journalists are much father left than the average Twitter user. In fact, a majority of journalists, based on their Twitter interactions, are somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders. Here’s the graph showing the results:

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Barr has done nothing to justify left’s full-blown panic over his tenure

Can the republic survive William Barr?

The question has seized the media and center-left, which have worked themselves into a full-blown panic over an attorney general who is, inarguably, a serious legal figure and one of the adults in the room late in President Trump’s first term.

Some 2,000 former Justice ­Department employees have signed a letter calling on Barr to resign. An anti-Barr piece in The Atlantic opined that “it is not too strong to say that Bill Barr is un-American” and warned that his America is “a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen.”

This is impressive heavy-breathing over an AG whose ­alleged offense doesn’t hold a candle to the greatest hits of his predecessors:

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Fact, Not Fiction: Coronavirus And Bioweapons Labs Operate In China’s Virus-Infested City

The Chinese city of Wuhan, which is under an absolute military lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, hosts two laboratories linked to China’s clandestine bio-weapons program — labs that also happen to lead China’s coronavirus research and prevention efforts.

The purpose and location of these facilities are facts — not elements of a conspiracy theory. Yet reporting this information and wondering about a possible link between the labs and the coronavirus outbreak have been mocked by the mainstream media as rightwing nutjob stuff.

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Dershowitz: I Have Proof Obama Ordered FBI Investigation At Request Of George Soros

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz revealed in an interview on Sunday that he has proof that former Democrat President Barack Obama ordered the FBI to investigate someone after far-left billionaire George Soros asked for the investigation.

Dershowitz’s remarks come after critics have attacked President Donald Trump for tweeting about matters related to the Department of Justice, which led to Attorney General William Barr publicly asking the president to stop last week.

“There was a lot of White House control of the Justice Department during the Kennedy administration and I don’t think we saw very many liberal professors arguing against that,” Dershowitz told Breitbart News. “I have some information as well about the Obama administration – which will be disclosed in a lawsuit at some point, but I’m not prepared to disclose it now – about how President Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros, who was a close ally of his.”

“We’ve seen this kind of White House influence on the Justice Department virtually in every Justice Department,” Dershowitz continued. “The difference this president is much more overt about it, he tweets about it. President Obama whispered to the Justice Department about it.”

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The Moral Crisis of Skid Row

They call Los Angeles the City of Angels, but it seems that even here, within the five-by-ten-block area of Skid Row, the city contains an entire cosmology—angels and demons, sinners and saints, plagues and treatments.

Walking down San Pedro Street to the heart of Skid Row, I see men smoking methamphetamine in the open air and women selling bootleg cigarettes on top of cardboard boxes. Around the corner, a man makes a drug transaction from the window of a silver sedan, a woman in an American-flag bandana flashes her vagina to onlookers, and a shirtless man in a bleached-blond woman’s wig defecates behind a parked police car. Slumped across the entryway of an old garment business, a shoeless, middle-aged junkie injects heroin into his cracked, bare feet.

Skid Row is the epicenter of L.A.’s addiction crisis. More than 12,000 homeless meth and heroin addicts pass through here each year, with thousands living in the vast network of tent encampments that line the sidewalks. For decades, L.A. has centralized public services in this tiny city-within-a-city. The result: it’s become an iron cage of the social state, with the highest concentration of homelessness, addiction, and overdose deaths in Los Angeles County. Fire Station 9, which covers Skid Row, is now the busiest firehouse in America, responding to 35,518 calls for service last year, including a record-high number of overdoses and mental-health crises.

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