Improvements to Medicare Will Help Seniors

Older Americans “Will like what they see Martin Predicts,” in Trump’s Medicare Plan

Older Americans “Will like what they see Martin Predicts,” in Trump’s Medicare Plan

THE VILLAGES, Florida (October 3, 2019) – 60 Plus Association, and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement on President Trump’s planned changes to Medicare:

“President Trump’s executive order will save money and help preserve Medicare by cutting red tape, and giving older Americans access to better health services like telehealth, wellness programs, nutrition counseling and other programs that improve the lives of seniors.

“These improvements to Medicare combined with programs to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in the system, will help preserve Medicare well into the future. 

“Just as important, President Trump is working to save seniors and disabled Americans from the disastrous ‘Medicare For All’ plans being pushed by Democrats. Medicare For All means the death of the actual Medicare program on which tens of millions of people rely.

“The question is simple. Do we want President Trump’s vision of affordable, high-quality health care that offers patient choice, or socialized medicine that will bankrupt the nation and leave vulnerable Americans at the mercy of the inevitable rationing of services that comes with socialist health care schemes? 

It was humbling for me to have a literal front row seat to history in The Villages Thursday and to be surrounded by so many people who understand what is at stake for Medicare.” 

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