Pat Boone Challenges Senators Nelson and Brown on IPAB and Medicare Spending in 60 Plus Ads

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The 60 Plus Association today launched a television ad campaign in Florida and Ohio, challenging Senators Bill Nelson and Sherrod Brown on the Independent Payment Advisory Board and their irresponsible cuts to Medicare.  The 30-second ads feature music legend and 60 Plus spokesman Pat Boone.

“Obama’s health care legislation has ended Medicare as we know it,” said music legend Pat Boone, National Spokesman for the 60 Plus Association.  “The health care bill, which was supported by Sens. Nelson and Brown, puts a bureaucrat between Medicare patients and our doctors and gives unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats the power to deny seniors the care we deserve.”

Acting like a Medicare IRS, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is a 15-member bureaucratic council that will dictate what constitutes “necessary care” for Medicare recipients as a means to cut costs beyond the half-trillion dollars that was already eliminated through Obama’s government takeover of healthcare.  The Board’s so-called recommendations can be fully enacted without Congressional action, allowing them to autonomously ration care for seniors.

“The Obama-Nelson-Brown health care agenda puts big government ahead of seniors, creating a Medicare IRS in order to fund new government programs,” said Jim Martin, Chairman and Founder of 60 Plus.  “Not only does the legislation cut $500 billion from Medicare, but it allows government-appointed officials, not our doctors, to unilaterally decide what care Medicare patients receive.”

In Florida, the $276,000 ad campaign will run statewide beginning on August 15 and running through August 28.  In Ohio, the $232,000 ad campaign will run statewide from August 15 to August 28 as well.  This buy follows 60 Plus’s $2.1 million ad campaign in these states in June 2012.  Please click here to view the Florida television ad, click here to view the Ohio television ad or visit for more information.


Hi friend, I’m Pat Boone.  A lot of promises were made regarding health care reform, but America’s seniors knew forcing a bill through Congress when Americans overwhelmingly opposed it would be disastrous.  And we were right.

The new health care law creates a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats.  It’s like a Medicare IRS – with the power to cut Medicare in order to pay for new government programs.  

Call Senator Brown.

Tell him:  Unaccountable bureaucrats should never have the power to deny you the care you deserve.