Pelosi, House Democrats Display “Political Desperation” Over Tax Reform Plan

Seniors Leader Warns Heated Rhetoric is “Bound to Backfire”

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (December 6, 2017) – 60 Plus Founder and Chairman James Martin issued the following statement after Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s news conference outside the U.S. Capitol Building Wednesday:

“Watching Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues express their phony concerns for senior citizens Wednesday was like watching the Hindenburg crash into the Titanic as it sails under the Bridge on the River Kwai. Their political desperation is palpable and on full display for the nation.

“For Nancy Pelosi to tie the welfare of children to that of their grandparents is ludicrous. If she or any other Members of Congress care about our grandchildren, they would support the abolition of the Death Tax like their Democrat colleague Rep. Sanford Bishop (GA) has, so seniors can pass along their assets to their heirs without confiscatory taxes levied on families mourning the death of a love one.

“People are getting tired of hearing Democrats complain about a non-existent “raid” of Medicare and Social Security, which is not in either the House or Senate versions of tax reform. This is nothing more than a naked attempt at scaring seniors with falsehoods.

“It’s laughable to hear Democrats whine about budget deficits after working with former President Obama to nearly double the national debt in only eight years. The dynamic score of the tax reform plans shows a very positive impact on the economy and the budget.

“You have to give Rep. Pelosi and her colleagues credit for elevating political bombast to an art form. Her recent pronouncements on the tax reform bill might be cable news ratings gold but the unhinged rant she led on Capitol Hill is entirely disingenuous and bound to backfire on her and her congressional colleagues.”