Seniors Group Releases Ad on Fred DuVal’s Support of Clemency for F.A.L.N. Terrorists

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association, a non-partisan, conservative leaning seniors organization with more than 167,000 senior supporters in Arizona, today released an ad regarding Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal’s troubling past assisting convicted F.A.L.N. terrorists in their quest for clemency. The F.A.L.N. network was responsible for multiple murders and dozens of bombings in New York and Chicago in the late 70s and early 80s, which also left three New York City policemen permanently disabled.

The ad, titled “Russian Roulette,” informs voters of DuVal’s work in the Clinton White House as head of the Interagency Group of Puerto Rico which lobbied for the early release of members of the terrorist network.  Told from the viewpoint of Joe Connor, the son of a F.A.L.N. murder victim Frank Connor, the ad notes that DuVal’s efforts were successful in helping the terrorists earn an early release from prison, while the families of the victims were never consulted.

Said 60 Plus President Amy Frederick, “Fred DuVal’s past efforts in helping release convicted terrorists from prison raise troubling questions about his judgment, his leadership and his ultimate priorities. He needs to explain why terrorists who killed Americans and engaged in numerous bombings and other hideous crimes deserved mercy, while the grieving families of the victims were completely ignored.”

The ad which will run on cable and broadcast throughout the state, can be viewed here.


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