Supreme Court Unwisely Rejects Hearing on ObamaCare

60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin: “Bad medicine harms seniors and progeny.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin – the leader of the most influential conservative seniors advocacy group in the nation – today commented on the United States Supreme Court’s decision not to ‘fast-track’ a hearing brought by the Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the constitutionality of ObamaCare:

“It is extremely regrettable that the Supreme Court passed on the opportunity to resolve the key legal question currently facing our nation, which is whether a sweeping government mandate over the lives of every American is consistent and within the framework of our Constitution.

“ObamaCare is like a boulder on the chest of every American, and they want it off! This is the pressing issue of our day, and the urgency with which a majority of state attorney generals across America joined in this action should be matched by an equal urgency on the part of the Court to resolve the question of ObamaCare’s constitutionality sooner rather than later.

“Much is at stake, with states now under deadlines to implement changes to Medicare, with businesses projecting their healthcare costs and expenses, and families facing massive, confusing and often costly changes to their insurance.  Delay will be devastating to America.

“No one disputes that America is in an economic and fiscal crisis, and it is impossible for our nation to move forward on sure footing without a speedy resolution to the question of whether ObamaCare, the biggest entitlement program ever created is, in fact, a massive and unconstitutional fraud on the American people.”