Why Is Domestic Energy Exploration Off Limits?

Comments By 60 Plus President Jim Martin, “Energy Day”. “Good morning, I’m Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I would like to have the following enigma, wrapped inside a mystery, explained: Why are U.S. energy producers not allowed to explore for oil and gas off the coast of Florida, my home state, while China and Cuba do so?”

Why Is Domestic Energy Exploration Off Limits?

An Enigma Wrapped Inside A Mystery: Comments by 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin at Consumer Energy Alliance “Energy Day,”

Seniors’ Group Head Criticizes PA Congressman

The head of a senior citizens’ organization called on Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) to apologize to older Americans for his thoughtless remarks yesterday that John McCain is ‘too old to be President.’

Congress Getting Stupider And Stupider?

The 60 Plus Association has highlighted death tax repeal for 15 years. Former Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA) and Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) have highlighted death tax repeal for 15 years as well and President George W. Bush has highlighted death tax repeal for at least 8 years.

Seniors’ Chief Chastises Congressional Inaction

Trustees Report Over Crisis With Social Security And Medicare Statement by Jim Martin: “They’re embezzlers and should be locked up. Congress continues to con seniors by stealing money from their Social Security Trust Fund and spending it on non-senior’s programs. If this occurred in private industry, its perpetrators would go to prison.”

Senior Power Prevails In Congress v. Lobbyists Charity Basketball Game

After losing seven of eight games to the Members of Congress, lobbyist Paul Miller, co-founder of the charity basketball game, decided on a new strategy which paid off with Miller’s team winning for only the second time in nine years, 45-36.

Seniors Concerned About Higher Cable Costs

The 60 Plus Association supports efforts to inform seniors on the 2009 digital television transition. However, we are very concerned about the recent advertisements by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) which led older consumers to believe that NONE of their cable service channel line up will be interrupted after the broadcast digital transition.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!

Seniors’ Demand Senate Carries Out Constitutional Duty Statement By James L. Martin: “Washington, DC – “Justice delayed is justice denied. Our Federal Judiciary continues to face a crisis — too many vacancies. And who suffers? Senators, you ask? No, not Senators who, unfortunately, are playing politics, present company excluded. Thank you, Senator Specter, for your outstanding leadership.”

Seniors’ Mourn Passing Of Two Friends

Senior citizens have lost two wonderful friends with the passing of former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) and Congressman Paul Gillmor (R-OH).

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Yes To Schip Authorization, No To Schip Expansion Statement By Jim Martin: “As a newspaper reporter covering Congress in 1964 and as a four-pack-a day (non-filtered) smoker, I witnessed Congress, in its infinite wisdom, ban TV/Print advertising of tobacco and mandate printed warning labels on cigarette packs.

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